Simply Put It’s an Opportunity to Market and Sell to both trade and consumers- Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival


At the core we engage in fashion weeks and trade shows,  even pop up shop for one simple reason To SELL!  Video  selling saves time and transportation  cost and that’s just the  beginning! We’re looking at  the emerging  social (connected TV Scene) and the opportunities for designers!

Many are caught in the image of “Fashion” and have forgotten “the why” of what we do! Brooklyn Fashion Film festival is a platform …To facilitate Trade! we’ve negotiated sponsorship from some emerging tech  companies giving the design community access through January 1st! we believe in shaping the tools we use… we’re open to  trying others also!


This year  is the proof of a concept designed  with the input of designers from across the globe (talk about Social Networking!) !  We are inviting the  Innovative and bold to  add their voice a 3-15 Minute video, Sit on a live  video panel; Give a presentation To trade or consumers or be an expert on our delayed video panel! As a body  the independent community can offer …

  • Stories and content … video images words,,, for consumers &  buyers to peruse
  • Fashion Films- Introducing independent designers
  • a source independent designers for  from the comfort of their”office”
  • consumer shopping of designers products services and merchandise with Live video enable  customer support
  • From  any screen- PC, web, mobile, tablet, notebook, even IpTV- via Mobile Optimized site
  • Business of Independent  Fashion Seminars (online)
  • Panel discussion on Industry issues- styling, selling, FIT
  • Consumers can have their Q & A answered on fit styling color BY PROFESSIONALS!
  • Limited edition custom & private label offering Fashion, Accessories, home, beauty and green products!

We’re busy  pulling everything together but We also have opportunities to sponsor, partner, volunteer and support!! so please fill out the form  or call 646 736 2984

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