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What is Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival About

  1. Bonnie Sandy
  2. November 26, 2011 6:52 pm

Can small Local designers (and now dancers & other creatives)  use video and other technologies  to present or tell their stories with a view on selling?  That’s the question we’re exploring &  We need your input!  Please, register , login ,see, share and comment on The first  8 submissions for Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival now live at ?

Many keep trying to figure out how and what is Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival… the fact is we are openly exploring we invite you to join us (You do Not have to sneak I practice Open Business exploration LOL) )

I’ve sat  at the Fashion  2.0 Table since the first stirrings of the buzz words! I keep track of most Fashion Startups… for the most part they are high tech adult  games not worth The VC money being thrown at them!  I have a solid background in Fashion & tech and i still explore before making a call!

It’s why those in workshops I do see success!

BROOKLYN FASHION WEEK IS FOCUSED on SOLUTIONS and change… for a sector many have ignored!

Let me simply state that Not ONE Platform (used during this) has proven to have a simple easy to navigate “natural” user interface for teh novice! Then there is cultural perceptions of “TV” or video… every  female for example, “Had to get Her hair done”  before utilizing webcam programs!  …  Many keep trying to figure out how and what is Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival… the fact is we are openly exploring

Presenting formats for a collection of Fashion Films
Connecting Marketing and sales of product and sell through from  those films
Expansion  and use of developing and emerging video platforms and formats for creatives
Development and servicing talent that  this sector would require!
Creation of one smooth platform that simplifies teh process for designers and creatives!
How the relevant Stake holders use and respond (So we need you to register login, see, share and comment!)

Yesterday, Though as I sat at a local lounge I “listened in as ” a small business “consulted” with another on establishing a new fashion Business and Stratup!

First up  who do we take our advice from… unless that person has actually built a fashion business I’d hold off!
The “consultant “meant” well … but to the lady on the other end..

It may be cool to  start quoting  stats and social media “dictates” but too often I meet individuals who have thrown money down the drain… listening to  others who simply repeated without testing!

Essentially we aim to create a platform and to do so we’re testing “theories through practice”!

Here we’re testing new and emerging  technologies  establishing new protocols  all with a view to using them in the  creation , marketing and sale of Products, services and merchandise!

So we need YOUR Viewpoint

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