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What is “Black Is Beautiful” About!

  1. Bonnie Sandy
  2. January 24, 2012 10:08 pm

“Black is Beautiful’ was the theme for the original Grandassa models of the “Naturally ’62: The Original African Coiffure and Fashion Extravaganza Designed to Restore Our Racial Pride and Standards ”.
The original “Black is Beautiful” Movement was a direct result of the BLACK CREATIVE COMMUNITY coming together to create change! Kwame Braithewaite stressed
“… we had no money… we used what we had “OUR RESOURCES”” They are trying to pull the documentation together so our history is preserved…

As part of Black Dress 2012…
I am calling all Fashion & Beauty Professionals, Organizations, talent and service professionals who identify as “Black” to register discuss, celebrate and honor the’ Black IS BEAUTIFUlL“ 50th Anniversary!
This is a GLOBAL call to action for Black fashion, beauty and creative professionals to attend in person or online! Bloggers and press invited to attend-
see more details at
This is your opportunity to question leaders of that movement!
I cannot answer question save what is available in the study notes on the articles!

If you are attending Please also RSVP here
Kwame Braithwaite one of the original members of Ajass and organizer will be there to tell “Our-story”! We’re trying to get Black rose one of the original Grandassa Models!

While there were fashion events such as Ebony Fashion Fair … ‘Naturally 62 differentiated itself in  using  models with  ‘African’  features as well as clothing by  local designers!
“Black is beautiful” was targeted to changing the value perception  within the African American  community … It was totally  grassroots funded, supported and generated by the artist and creatives themselves!  It’s impact was essentially  a ‘social media” one as worke s on trains,  and ships carried the magazines and pamphlets to others in the diaspora.Apart from the historical details and commemorating the 50th anniversary! It is interesting to  look at the strategy and the  use of  “social network” sans the digital technology in impacting  and changing  our perspective of ourselves..
Mr. Braithwaithe has images and a fabulous recollection of details of this as well as the Black Arts Movement!

We’ll discuss Where black fashion and beauty is after 50 years; what is presently being done and bring in Black designers from across teh globe via technology!

This call to action was pulled together recently when I realized few Knew and no celebration is planned!

READ on the Original Black is Beautiful MOVEMENT… it was a campaign… targeting Blacks not white meant to change those very notions and to ” to Restore Our Racial Pride and Standards ”, for Part 2 of this series. for Part 3 of this series.

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