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How does one Repurpose Video of Streaming Media West Sessions

  1. Bonnie Sandy
  2. January 30, 2012 3:05 pm

We are exploring Video  curation  and streaming  media as a business tool  or within the model itself ,  but  when Streaming Media Magazine  Has posted their recent Streaming Media West  Conference with  permission  to “repurpose”  the videos… It started me thinking . Exactly  how does one  “repurpose” a video  from  a conference!

For starters I see an  opportunity  to reaching those who  would not  normally afford to attend these conferences either due to cost , timing or  travel limitations! Our goal is to  utilized video to empower mom and pops  business across the globe!

So I Embedded the video … Streaming  media Magazine has thought me much of what i  understand but evn then  adapting these “lessons’ in the field often requires some “innovation”! First challenge latency, (that’s when the video sound is way  ahead of the  image)… I’m  sure it’s a bandwidth issue but I test these under the same conditions my users will have access to!

I speak to consumers and local businesses  not to high end businesses or institutions… design and encode for the lowest common denominator!

With it’s an discussion or argument I keep having with the professional  videographers on our project…  do we really need the  biggest baddest  “Toy”… I mean tool to stream, what is essentially a conversation!  Why  do i have to shut  down EVERYTHING  to listen… l could “attend” as I work!

That said I’ll be sending this out to  our members,  brainstorming, and inviting them to listen simultaneously… not  sure it would synch… as I discussed with OpenTok…  it’s one of those thinks yet to test!


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