Can Video Bring The Vibe & the Sales to the Local Online Boutique Shopping Experience

  1. Bonnie Sandy
  2. January 2, 2012 6:11 pm

Can Video Bring The Vibe & the Sales to the Local Online Boutique Shopping Experience

Shop designers artist and Crafter using Video


There are a couple of things missing from the online Shopping Experience!  One is the personal attention… but I’m  from the Custom Boutique world so That  may be a unique to that sector!  The other  is the “Vibe” every cool spot has a Vibe… every shopping experience has a unique vibe! So too every Trade event! A fashion show/expo can reach  a couple hundred attendees… video can extend that!

But can it Bring  The Vibe … and the sales and  what of  follow through actually pitching, selling!  We have designers prepping to  sell across continents all with the aid of video !

We’re betting that Video can help our visitors create an experience when shopping online and we’re willing to explore and take their suggestions! Videos also  sell the Brand’s unique vibe… In Many designers are adopting the Fashion Film, However getting sales from these can be difficult! Often the logistics are missing… that’s our focus from  video to sale … sign in for our views and findings!

Thanks to the Artist and the designer for providing  samples and participating See the video  and the Track  suit  jacket (and a link to music)  on sale  in our featured section

There are several factors involved connecting sign in  to see a few!

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We’re charged with developing  audiences for  our artist and so we WANT you to opt in! Some of  the info is for members who wish to support  and get updates or simply learn!

Oh and that vibe.. We’ve discovered that It CAN  be achieved…more of that later!

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