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The Pharaonics of Greatness

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  2. November 26, 2011 4:20 pm

The Pharaonics of Greatness

Ambassadors of Greatness

The Key to Pharaonic Brands growth & success is that it’s customers believe in or have the need to connect to their own Greatness!

This is an excerpt from  a review originally published at Brooklyn Fashion Galleryread more here  In his First  Fashion Film Louis chose a video diary feeding on his honest dialogue that  Login to  The Member Only Viewing area and enjoy  his other features!

” We often limit ourselves to our mundane tasks & titles that consume our lives from the Cradle to the Grave! Every now & again we stop to look into the sky only to see a magnificent bird soar freely through the sky, or see the same stars that our ancient cultures mirrored their civilizations after on Earth, As is Above so Below! No matter what your lineage, there is something within all of us that gives up the potential to be Extraordinary. Pharaonic Brand Designs helps you tap into that potential!” say  Louis Narcisse

After an incubation period, re-branding & launch of the Official Pharaonic Brand Designs website in 2010 the Brand has broken ground & has established a growing loyal & intriguing customer base. A brand that has been built up a following solely from the social networks such as Myspace & Facebook & now has Ambassadors of Greatness from Africa to Asia! The company is now currently expanding & soon to have an administrative/corporate structure & also will be opening a creative division. The future vision for PBD is to open several International Flagship Retail Stores, as well. Supporting or starting Fashion Trade schools around the world! Whether short-term or long-term; goals, desires, anything is achievable as you strive for it!


New Direction

“Team Greatness”  as they have dubbed themselves,  have held consecutive meetings brainstorming on the future of PBD & they all agree that starting Fall 2011 they will be leaving the comfort of the Brands Bread & Butter, T- shirts & exploring new Items to add to the clothing line.

Is a Pharaonic button-down shirt collection,  or Pharaonic Denim Collection in the horizon…! They are working diligently on sketches, design boards & presentation to unleash Pharaonic Brand Design’s new Collection very soon.   They are pushing to have Global exposure by 2012, and eventually some flagship stores in all the Fashion hotspots all over the World.

When you embrace your Greatness, your success knows no limits”

Visit the Website


Fashion, Urban Wear,  Cultural Consciousness & Style Reincarnated:-

Wearable art, Alchemical Clothing


Getting Back to Greatness one Thread & Though at a Time

The Fine points
Pharaonic Brand Designs was created  to re-introduce Art of Great Ancient
Civilizations for most have left behind Knowledge through Art &
Symbolism for us all to learn from. This mission allows the company  & all that
I reach to Learn & Teach!

Currently Tees are true to size unless specified as “fitted”

Cotton & Cotton Blends

Finish- industry standard

Art work , Screenprinted with Gold/Silver/Colored Foils

Price point;-Mass market
Pharaonic Designs are a Labor of Love as the Foil Process is Labor
intensive & delicate process!  Designs range from $10-$60

THE Present  LINE & The Future  direction

This is a movement slowly but surely gaining traction as his growing collection of “photographic testimonials” indicate! More so the present  consumer is actively demanding what they want; whether it’s children’s wear, dressy ladies apparel or swimwear! 2012 promises to be an important and landmark year  for this company!

The  Stats -last year we began monitoring Pharaonicorp each  quarter their online revenue has doubled and recently,true to their  mission the  company  began recruiting  and training  “Ambassadors of  greatness as Affiliate business owners, offering them a turnkey  solution to their own  store!

Team greatness began exploring thier unique expansion approach

Where to shop them

Greatness Personified!!!!   image credits-

The PHARAONICS  of “Getting  Back to Greatness…”   Another Great Image from Rita Granberry-El

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