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Salvaged Style of Melissa Lockwood

  1. BFG
  2. November 26, 2011 2:26 pm

The ideology of IQTEST garments..
In looking at the potentials beyond the original purpose, IQ Test sees lots of resources exist, not wastes. The fabric IQTEST uses is what the mass producing designers throw away. Building a collection around this raw material is not “easy” and actually extremely labor intensive!..

Melissa Lockwood also participated in DanceHackit 2011 providing clothing for the NY LaunchPad! This is an excerpt from  a review originally published at Brooklyn Fashion Gallery– read more here For her Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival Submission  Melissa takes us inside a garment factory!  Login to  The Member Only Viewing area and enjoy  her 7 minute feature

Melissa believe in zero waste production… and that factories with a small initial effort , can maximize their waste and can keep fabrics out of landfills! To prove her point  she started  “Dumpster Diving” and collecting  fabrics, she has since moved on to  organized collection  from  factories! And hopes to start a non-profit in that light!


IQTEST also works to inform the public about the waste and encourage reform.  IQTEST creates environmentally friendly one of a kind wearable art!

De Fragmenting style


Fashion, Multidisciplinary Artist


Green, Eco-sustainable- Wearable art, one of a Kind, hand crafted,


Williamsburg Chic- Minimalist, meets storyteller, At first glance the lines are deceptively  minimalistic but Melissa does a lot of soft tailoring within the confines of her Mandate… zero waste!

The Fine points

Melisa creates a canvas from the fabrics, and her color story is “non- discriminatory which in itself is contrary to  current industry  practice. Work with  what you get… and still keep it harmonious… her collection is in harmony with the environment,  wearer and the pieces meld in to the landscape that is  urban-life! She offers Jackets, Dresses, leggings, capes, tops, skirts.


softly  deconstructed tailoring, lean..


Whatever is delivered!


Over-locked, or” naked” edged,  Hand painting or handmade stencils, salvaged trim


Zero waste production, Slow design, had applique, hand painting, soft draping, hand stencils

Price point;-

Melissa’s work is hand crafted, Recycling and up-cycling is labor intensive , but she also  adds Hand drawn imagery and messages into  her pieces Extremely reasonable labor intensive!

Available for

Exhibitions, Installations, Limited editions to Boutiques,  Direct to  consumer


By the end of my  review on Melissa Lockwood, a sustainable clothing designer in  Brooklyn for   I had gained a new respect for her talent, and come to the conclusion that

“Clothing becomes fashion when it is relevant to our times,  Art when it challenges us to look within ourselves!”… Bonnie Sandy

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