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Making room for Growing Up- Even In Tech!

  1. Bonnie Sandy
  2. February 17, 2012 10:20 pm

My next  focus is using this technology to help my community  and local  communities around the world sell! BKFFF is representative of new efforts… curation and video  for show and sale is new and so is he “how to ‘ ! I ‘m  enjoying this even as I  find my  way… so I’ll appreciate your input  Please register!

I have a couple other things cooking  such as … Private Shopping sessions and to do so  we  need a structure … and support! So I’ve let  some things go  in order to  focus on  others!  I’ve Given Up all the meetups I hosted and pulling away from other community events.. such as Black  Jelly!  In the next  month it’s getting those I’d love to  see come along  ready for  close business scrutiny!

So The workshops and funding resources are part of that  NEW effort! Even then It’s still Work!  I am often the sole tech  support for many in my  community… even then I  have scaled back  and will concentrate with Involvement in two  startups.. One a live performance platform   with  Marlies Yearby… The award nominated  choreographer the original  of “RENT” the Broadway musical… Please visit the  site to see highlight of our test  lab! Under the  umbrella of  “TheHackit” we will approach technology  to solve the live presentation needs of the  creative community!

The Second answers on a  broader  level the  question “what  Would You  do with technology if you  could”! It will facilitate technology  adoption by  “mom and pops” businesses across the globe! A huge challenge so please feel free to contact me if their is interest  we can  work together!  It  will spawn several niche tech  platform providing  tech and funding  support… official  announcement will  be made at the end of the month!

My Fashion Tech  efforts will be revealed later this spring  feel free to sign up at Http:// in closing It’s hard to believe that  this spate of tech  development is little more than 7 years old! So too is my  foray into Fashion tech and as of this month  I  celebrated 7 years officially! What a ride… and it’s only  just  begun!


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